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Real World Group’s Transformational Leadership Questionnaire (TLQ) is one of the world’s most researched and trusted leadership assessments.

It has been used by tens of thousands of managers worldwide from all sectors.

The leadership behaviours assessed by the TLQ are key to readiness for change, innovation, successful virtual teams and dealing with uncertainty.

They have never been more critical than they are now.

Extensive research and practical application worldwide show that the leadership behaviours assessed by the TLQ:

Have a direct, causal impact on productivity

Enable teams to cope better with turbulence & change

Increase output, even with fewer resources

Reduce job-related stress and enhance wellbeing

Are essential for effective virtual teams

Are inclusive and non-biased leadership behaviours

TLQ reviewer categories

Example TLQ feedback graph

Other versions available

The TLQ is also available for leaders who have one or no Direct Reports – the Non Line Manager version.

This tool enables these types of leader to nonetheless gather powerful feedback about how they are perceived to lead and impact upon colleagues and key stakeholders.

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