Upcoming Presentations at Asia Pacific Congress on Health Leadership in Canberra

Posted on 27th June 2013

August sees the annual Asia Pacific Congress on Health Leadership, organised by the Australian College of Health Service Managers (ACHSM), and hosted this year in Canberra from 28th to 30th August. The congress theme is “Energising Healthcare: Engaging People, Policy and Practice” and will include presentations from across the world on the latest research and learning in the field. 

Two papers submitted by Real World Group’s team of organisational psychologists have been successfully selected for presentation based on our latest cutting edge research around Board leadership and governance, and team working through the highly successful Leading to Quality programme. The presentation titles are: “The Impact of Boards’ Behaviour on the Provision of High Quality Care and Employee Engagement” and “High Performing Clinical Teams in Tough Times: How do they do it, and sustain it?” 

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