Building on Evidence Base of Real World Group’s Unique Team 360 Instrument

Posted on 11th March 2014

Real World Group’s Engaging Team 360 is now available as a unique, true 360-degree instrument for teams to adopt. Providing essential feedback from the team’s line manager, as well as both internal and external reviewer groups, it enables team leaders and their teams to understand comprehensively how effective they are regarded to be by others. 

The report of the findings also presents clear feedback on the leadership and team working dimensions that are strengths and development needs in the team’s journey towards being maximally effective. The dimensions assessed come from our published, valid and reliable model. 

Critically, the feedback includes information on how well the team is believed to proactively cooperate with other teams, and the processing loop of learning the team undertakes. This is an important build on older team working models which position activities as one-off “input-processing-output” events, and fail to emphasise the essential activities of inter-team cooperation that an increasingly joined-up world necessitate. 

New and exciting action research spanning over two years is now being undertaken by a major NHS Foundation Trust which is applying the Engaging Team 360 and associated workbooks to enable team leaders and their teams to undertake self-directed learning based on the feedback they receive. Further updates will be published here as they emerge. 

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