Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe invited to speak at North East Region Senior Police Leaders Forum

Posted by admin on July 4, 2018

The leadership forum was hosted at West Yorkshire Police’s training centre of excellence. Deputy Police Constable for West Yorkshire Police, John Robins opened the forum which explored many topics including the long-term vision to 2025, the College of Police’s role and engaging leadership.

The event was attended by colleagues from; Humberside Police, South Yorkshire Police, Durham Constabulary, Northumbria Police and Cleveland Police. Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe was invited to speak about the; “Critical Importance of engaging leadership.” Beverly delivered an engaging workshop where she talked about how simple-common sense behaviours in the leadership culture, particularly coming from the top levels, make the biggest difference to whether police organisations survive and thrive in an increasingly resource-scarce and demanding world. Engaging Leadership is genuinely critical given the impact it has on enabling the workforce to maintain their wellbeing so that they can cope with and overcome incredibly difficult circumstances.

The event was a resounding success as you can see from these testimonials following the forum: Great line by Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe @realworldgroup ... “For leadership, competency alone isn’t enough. It is how people do things that makes the difference.” John Robins, Deputy Police Constable for West Yorkshire Police. (taken from Twitter)

Great leadership event today hosted by @WYP_Training with colleagues from @Humberbeat @syptweet @DurhamPolice @NYorksPolice @northumbriapol @ClevelandPolice. Listening to @CollegeofPolice and @realworldgroup speakers. Sarah Wilson Head of Human Resources, Humberside Police. (taken from Twitter)