Real World Group Chair among Top 40 Business Women in Yorkshire

Posted on 1st June 2018

We are delighted to share the news that Real World Group’s Chair, Rachel Hannan has been featured once again in Insider Yorkshire Magazine as one of the 40 most significant women in Yorkshire business. Well-known names from the broadcasting, manufacturing and design sectors are among those profiled by Insider for its feature on the 40 most significant women in Yorkshire business. 

The feature takes into consideration the following facts and statistics; 

Look at any coverage of women in work for the past year or so and it is likely to include the results of gender pay gap reporting. Rightly so because there have been some unjustified disparities between salaries for men and women doing the same jobs. It’s also bringing other issues around women in the workplace to the fore. Gender equality in the boardroom may have made significant strides, but the pace needs to quicken for Britain to retain its global competitiveness. For every woman holding an executive directorship within the FTSE250, there are 13 men. Organisations with diverse boards not only outperform those that don’t by as much as a fifth, they are more profitable. A report by PwC found that encouraging female entrepreneurship will play a key role in closing the earnings divide. It said that inspiring, genuine role models are crucial in helping women to gain confidence”

Alongside the profiles, the full feature, which can be found in the latest edition of the Yorkshire Business Insider, assesses the opportunities, challenges and successes of women across the region. 

Insider Profiles Yorkshire’s Top 40 Female Business Leaders