Real World Group takes an honest look at integrity

Posted on 17th November 2017

The impact of the exposure of a lack of integrity on companies’ performance and reputation is well-publicised through cautionary tales such as the fallout from the “Greyball” software being exposed at Uber, and the impact of the emissions scandal at VW. Less well publicised is the ongoing toll that a lack of integrity in the corporate culture can have on the motivation, stress and general wellbeing of employees. Here, we define a lack of integrity as “all or parts of an organisation acting contrary to its espoused values”.

It can be damaging to morale for all employees when integrity is lacking in an organisation, and particularly excruciating for PR and Internal Comms specialists to perform under these conditions. The good news is that if you’re one of these people, you can take a proactive role in turning the situation around for the benefit of everyone. To find out more you can read the article in full here;