Real World Group workshop at the British Quality Foundation Leadership Conference on March 28th in London

Posted on 23rd March 2019

There is a wonderful speaker line-up, including our very own CEO. Juliette Alban-Metcalfe will be running a workshop on how to create high-performing and engaged teams that thrive in a world of constant change.

Effective team working has never been more important. Delayering of organisations, increased remote and 24/7 working, reduced resources and increased demands are a stark reality. This means we must ensure that all of our teams are as resilient, self-sufficient, effective and engaged as possible. Where teams are weaker and less efficient, organisations risk wasting precious resources and failing behind sector peers.

Juliette’s workshop will go onto explain what differentiates high performing teams in tough times, compared to those who fall apart, and the difference between genuine and “pseudo” teams. Participants will learn:

  • what strengthens or derails team performance
  • how to enhance the culture of their teams so that performance can be maximised
  • how to work with your own teams to build engagement, resilience and greater success.

Find out more and book your place here: