Real World Group is 20 years old!

Posted on 23 May 2021

We are very happy to announce that Real World Group is 20 years old this month! Given that University spin-out companies are notorious for not having a great survival rate, we are thrilled that we are still thriving 20 years later.

Over the past two decades we have continued to grow and evolve. We started with a major study of effective leadership but just one, very popular 360 instrument. We now have a very wide range of research and over 25 diagnostic tools! Through the research and assessment development we have expanded our expertise from leadership, diversity and inclusion into governance and teamworking too.

Our reach has gone from being the UK public sector to a truly global portfolio with customers and partners as far afield as Singapore, Australia and China. We are incredibly proud that our world-class assessments are utilised in all sectors and multiple languages.

Our unwavering belief that at the heart of the most successful and sustainable performance is leadership with genuine concern for others has become even more accepted and recognised as time has gone on. We were among the very first to talk about this back in 2001 with our groundbreaking research, and it is clear from how they are that many organisations are not yet convinced.

So we will keep banging the drum for decent, human leaders, and for the importance of valuing employees and our communities at the core of any organisational vision. With our new research into virtual and hybrid teams, and who knows what next, we look forward to making an important contribution to organisations’ success for many years to come.

A huge thank you to all of our people, supporters, partners and clients for enabling us to get here!