Five principles of high-performing teams

Posted on 23rd May 2018

Professor Beverly Alimo-Metcalfe and Juliette Alban-Metcalfe explore the five principles of high-performing teams in Personnel Today. 

In a volatile environment, organisations need teams that are engaged, productive and know what they’re working towards. How can we inspire team leaders to get the best out of their people? 

Few people at work are not part of a team. Organisations need to be agile and innovative when faced with ever more complex business and societal challenges, and increasingly realise that good team leadership can help them to achieve their goals. 

The impact of bad team leadership can be severe. In healthcare, research reveals that poor team working is significantly associated with increased clinical errors and patient mortality. Furthermore, teams need to be authentic to succeed. A study in the NHS found that while 96% of staff reported they worked in teams, only 53% said they worked in “authentic”, well-structured teams.

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