Leadership and Culture Surveys

CULTure change is most effective when it begins with a Genuine understanding of how leadership is experienced in different parts of The organisation.

We have developed a range of measures that have been applied in organisations and shown through applied research to drive positive outcomes, including:

Achieving more with less

Enhancing innovation & readiness for change

Increasing diversity & Inclusion

Dealing with a VUCA World

Increasing motivation & commitment

Our survey tools have been directly linked to organisations achieving:

£ millions in Cost Savings

Transformational Culture Change in Under Two Years

Our surveys range from off-the-shelf to fully bespoke. You can find more information about them by following the links below:

Embracing Diversity Inventory (EDI)

Evidence-based assessment for whole organisations or departments assessing the leadership behaviours and competencies essential for positive diversity & inclusion

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Leadership Culture Diagnostic (LCD)

Leadership culture survey based on proven behaviours for productivity and wellbeing for smaller organisations

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Leadership Culture & Change Inventory (LCCI)

Whole organisation or department survey proven to assess the leadership behaviours directly impacting producitivity, wellbeing and engagement

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Staff Engagement & Wellbeing Survey (SEWS)

Whole-organisation assessment of engagement and wellbeing, based on highly valid items

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