Leadership Culture & Change Inventory

 Real World Group’s Leadership Culture & Change Inventory (LCCI) assesses the leadership culture of your department or organisation to enable you to significantly increase performance.

It is based on unparalleled research showing which leadership behaviours have a direct, causal impact on productivity – at the same time as increasing wellbeing and engagement.

Ensure your teams have high readiness for change

The LCCI is proven through longitudinal research to assess the day-to-day leadership behaviours that not only have a direct impact on team performance, but also predict higher readiness for change.

Teams who experience a leadership culture as defined by the LCCI are more open and able to adapt to change. They also engage in more innovative behaviours.

Increase engagement & wellbeing

The leadership behaviours that the LCCI assesses have been shown through research to differentiate teams that have higher levels of self-confidence and self-efficacy, and lower levels of job-related stress.

They are also more committed to their job and the organisation, and are more motivated to offer discretionary effort.

Realise your specific aspirations

The LCCI is a carefully-balanced combination of proven dimensions and items and those that assess what is important to your organisation or department.

Our expert Occupational Psychologists will help you explore how best to include enquiry about key aspirations and challenges so that you can gather important feedback about these.

Understand where you will get the greatest return

10 out of 10 engagement surveys demonstrate that leadership and management are a key issue in reducing organisations’ potential, if not the key issue.

The LCCI provides a deep dive into your leadership culture so that you can find out exactly what you need to know about where your culture is strong and where it has greatest need for improvement.

For large enough samples, we also statistically-analyse the data to provide you with even more specific suggestions for action.

Ensure your virtual teams are able to perform

In a world where remote- and virtual-teamworking have expanded exponentially overnight, it is essential that you ensure these teams have what they need from leaders to perform.

Research consistently shows that the most effective leadership style for virtual or remote teams is what the LCCI assesses. It is characterised by high trust, great communication, autonomy, positive role-modelling, distributing leadership and positive expectations.

Choose the only leadership survey that assesses these factors with a strong evidence base.

Expert facilitated feedback workshop

Once your assessment is complete, you receive a comprehensive report of the findings based on the analyses you request. We then provide a full-day expert facilitated feedback workshop to enable leaders at all levels to interpret the data for their part of the organisation and start to build on strengths and address areas for improvement.

We can also provide you with train-the-trainer Appreciative Inquiry workshops to empower your people to design and realise a fairer and more inclusive future for all.

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