Executive Team 360

 Real World Group’s Executive Team 360 provides true multi-source feedback for assessing and developing your Executive Team as a collective.

Given how strongly Executive Teams influence the leadership culture of their organisation, it is essential they reflect on their collective:

Engaging Leadership behaviours

Essential Governance competencies

High-performing Team behaviours

Executive Team 360 dimensions

The Executive Team is also provided with feedback about their impact on:

Senior Managers’:

Positive attitudes to work

(e.g. commitment, motivation, etc)

Wellbeing at work

(e.g. self-confidence; job-related stress, etc)

Other Stakeholders’:

Confidence in their ability to achieve & sustain success

Commitment to working with them

Benefits of using the Executive Team 360


Provides feedback for the whole Team, not individuals


Enhances leadership that impacts the bottom line


Enables an engaged, motivated and committed culture


Positively influences wellbeing & reduces work-related stress

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