Embracing Diversity Inventory

Real World Group’s Embracing Diversity Inventory (EDI) helps you understand the extent to which your leadership culture supports or discourages diversity and inclusion.

It is an evidence-based tool that results in a comprehensive overview & analysis of your leadership culture. 

It is highly practical and helps you create targeted initiatives that create a fairer, more successful and inclusive culture.

Go beyond compliance to what really matters

Laws, policies and ensuring compliance are essential for diversity & inclusion but they are not enough.

Research shows it is the day-to-day leadership behaviours  – as assessed by the EDI – that make a genuine difference to employees’ experience of, and desire to join your organisation.

Benefit all employees

Practical application of the EDI shows that when the leadership behaviours it assesses are enhanced, everyone benefits – not just those from underrepresented groups.

Research shows that the EDI leadership culture model overlaps in important ways with highly successful and proven leadership factors for enhancing engagement and effectiveness among employees in general.

Increase productivity and save money

Use of the EDI in real-life has led to £millions in cost savings compared to what would be expected if diversity and inclusion were not being addressed.

Furthermore, the leadership behaviours assessed have been proven through numerous studies to be the key to unlocking motivation, discretionary effort and greater commitment.

Empower leaders at all levels

The EDI process is built on the belief that people at all levels within an organisation need to be informed and empowered if things are really going to change.

The EDI feedback report is presented clearly and simply so that it can be understood by anyone. Together with the feedback workshop, it is designed provide transparency on strengths in the culture and where improvement is needed.

Target your key challenges

Each EDI survey is a careful combination of proven leadership behaviours and dimensions that explore the solutions to your specific aspirations and challenges.

Our expert Organisational Psychologists work with you to design the most effective and useful assessment for your context. 

This means that you can precisely gather the information you need and create targeted interventions to enhance your culture. 

Expert facilitated feedback workshop

Once your assessment is complete, you receive a comprehensive report of the findings based on the analyses you request. We then provide a full-day expert facilitated feedback workshop to enable leaders at all levels to interpret the data for their part of the organisation and start to build on strengths and address areas for improvement.

We can also provide you with train-the-trainer Appreciative Inquiry workshops to empower your people to design and realise a fairer and more inclusive future for all.

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