Real World Group diagnostics are highly respected and utilised around the world. Our individual, team and organisational tools have been proven to enable organisations to achieve more with less, improve wellbeing and engagement, and reduce job-related stress.

Published articles in scientific journals and trade publications demonstrate that our diagnostic tools can benefit your bottom line by helping you quickly pinpoint the key issues. Clear presentation, practical and accessible concepts, and simple language enable you to act on the feedback with relative ease.

Case studies have consistently demonstrated clear returns on investment, including:

Cost Savings of Millions
Significant Culture Transformation In Less Than Two Years
Leadership Awards
Entry In The Top 20

Our diagnostic tools assess the appropriate leadership behaviours, values and attitudes at the following levels:

We can provide you with consultancy support to apply our range of diagnostic tools, or you can become accredited to apply them yourself. Level A and B qualifications are not necessary, as these are behavioural, rather than personality-based instruments.

Contact us to discuss how Real World Group diagnostics can help liberate potential in your organisation.