Board Development

An essential but often neglected part of creating an engaging, high performing leadership culture is the right governance and having a well-functioning Board. Developing engaging Boards is one of the areas that we have pioneered in recent years.

We have been working with organisations and national membership bodies to help ensure that the right kind of leadership exists among top teams. Enlightened organisations understand that focused and inspiring leadership from the Board leads to performance benefits of an engaged and empowered workforce.

We offer development support to Boards or Executive Teams in the following areas:

  • 360-degree feedback, utilising our specific instruments for Boards & Executive Teams
  • 360-degree feedback for individuals
  • Coaching for individuals and Boards
  • Masterclasses and development workshops

  • We’d love to tell you more about how we have worked with Boards and Executive Teams to achieve awards and bottom-line successes. Contact us to find out more and to discuss your governance needs.