Board Leadership & Governance 360

Real World Group’s Board Leadership & Governance 360 provides true multi-source feedback for increasing the effectiveness of your Board.

It assesses critical dimensions of collective Board activity and behaviour that ensure they are demonstrating:

Engaging Leadership behaviours

Essential Governance competencies

High-performing Team behaviours

Board Leadership & Governance 360 dimensions

The Board is also provided with feedback about their impact on:

Board Members’ & Senior Managers’:

Positive attitudes to work

(e.g. commitment, motivation)

Wellbeing at work

(e.g. self-confidence; job-related stress)

External Stakeholders’:

Confidence in the Board’s ability to achieve & sustain success

Commitment to working with the Board

Benefits of using the Board Leadership & Governance 360


Provides feedback for the whole Board, not individuals


Enhances leadership that impacts the bottom line


Enables an engaged, motivated and committed culture


Positively influences wellbeing & reduces work-related stress

Typical reviewer categories

Sector specific versions available

The Board Leadership & Governance 360 is available in the following sector-specific versions:

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